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Introducing Construction Viz Apps for SharePoint and Office 365

May 23, 2018 by Jeff Lydon

Our new lineup of Construction Viz Apps gives you the ultimate in construction project management flexibility. Now you can select and deploy exactly the project management features you need right into your own SharePoint and Office 365 environments.

Did you ever wish there was an easy way to pick and choose the specific functionality you want for your construction project management software instead of “buying the farm” and only using 10%?  Ever wish you could use your own on-premise SharePoint or Office 365 SharePoint Online environment to manage a construction project enhanced with the latest and greatest technologies?

As of today, you can. 

Our new lineup of Construction Viz Apps enables owners, construction managers, A&E firms and contractors to individually purchase and deploy custom functionality into their own SharePoint 2013/2016 and Office 365 environments.

Construction Viz Apps are based on the same tools we have built and delivered to multi-billion-dollar construction programs and projects since 2009.  But here’s the upside: not only do our new apps include everything you need to manage your work, but we built them using React.  Why does that matter?  React is a leading-edge application development platform that is used by world-class technical companies such as Facebook, Instagram and Microsoft. Building our apps in React brings unparalleled speed and scalability to our construction project management solution.

And, Construction Viz Apps are completely responsive to mobile browsers and can be used in the field without an internet connection.

Key Features

Each Construction Viz App includes fully self-contained functionality and is based on our years of experience with SharePoint in construction and facilities management.

Some of the advantages of our Construction Viz Apps include the ability to:

·         Deploy in your own SharePoint 2013/2016 or Office 365 SharePoint Online

·         Be productive anywhere with mobile-responsive tools and offline access.

·         Work across all modern browsers

·         Purchase only the features that you need

·         Use apps individually or seamlessly combine them for more features and convenience

·         Install any app in minutes using client-side technology

·         Configure the apps to meet your needs using flexible components

·         Easily manage users and access with custom permission administration tools

·         Leverage React Components for unparalleled features, speed and scalability

·         Take advantage of your existing SharePoint investment and configuration (e.g. lists and libraries)

·         Always have the best technology and functionality with frequent enhancements and updates

Construction Viz Apps

Below are the first few apps that we will release this year – with more to follow.

Project Tracker App – Project Tracker redesigns document management from the ground up. Keep everything you need to know about your project at your fingertips in interactive dashboards with logs, reports, search, and more.

Forms Apps – Add an extensive library of mobile responsive construction forms with built-in permissions, comments, workflows and reminders to your SharePoint environment. You can customize virtually any part of the form to add logos, fields, permissions and more.

GIS Map App – See where your project is happening. The GIS Map App enables you to add geospatial data to your own SharePoint to create interactive maps with linked photos, videos, libraries and more.

Scheduler App – Stay on schedule with a simple yet powerful tool to manage and assign resources. Includes Gantt charts, critical path, Microsoft Project import and more.

A Solution Tailored to You

We designed Construction Viz, our flagship construction project management software, from the ground up to be the most flexible, customizable and extensible solution available. For anyone looking for a complete project management information system (PMIS) available in the cloud or on-premise tailored to them, there is no better solution available.

But not every organization needs or wants a full PMIS package. Which is where our new Construction Viz Apps are the perfect solution. Now, if you only want to add specific features to your organization’s existing SharePoint, you can select and deploy specific Construction Viz Apps into your own environment. Whatever your needs, you can select between Construction Viz or our new Construction Viz Apps for the ultimate flexibility to deploy the solution that fits your organization’s requirements

It has taken years for the technology to progress to a place where it meets our vision of what a PMIS should look like.  Are you ready?

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