Key Features

All Your Tools in One Place

Stick with the tools and applications you know. The Lydon Solutions Construction Management Portal uses the power of Microsoft SharePoint to integrate with all of your industry standard software, including Oracle Primavera P6 and Contract Manager, Microsoft Office and Project Server, Esri ArcGIS and more. No proprietary software or additional training required.


project managment

Use familiar tools to plan and track your project with anywhere access and built-in collaboration features.

content managment

Put all your critical project information in one place with robust permission controls. Share updates and documents securely with internal and external stakeholders.

collaboration tools

Communicate easily and keep everyone up-to-date with integrated social collaboration tools.

Oracle Primavera P6

Keep the specialized tools that you know. Web-enable and share access to your current construction software with your entire project team.

integration services

No need replace existing applications. Integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Office and other enterprise applications with full data warehousing and reporting services.

Construction Project Reporting Made Simple

Lydon Solutions reporting tools

The Lydon Solutions Construction Program Management portal makes it simple to create, customize and share reports. Visual tools such as dashboards enable stakeholders to understand a project’s status at a glance—with more detailed information only a click away.

Easily map and visualize your projects using integrated geo-location tools like Esri ArcGIS integrated with the Lydon Solutions Construction Program Management Portal.

Use geo-location data to:

Data Driven Dashboards: Dashboards integrated into team homepages enable stakeholders to determine project health. Data can be linked to Microsoft SharePoint lists and forms, pulled from external data or be manually entered. Information can be presented as standard charts (pie, line, bar, X/Y, bubble, heat maps, etc.) with drill down capability.

Scorecards: Raw data can overwhelming to consume. We use visual indicators such as traffic lights, custom icons, and color coding to simply represent the status of an item in lists or libraries of data. Rules can be easily setup to determine which conditions drive the scorecard.

Microsoft Excel Services: Everybody loves using Excel to manage day-to-day operations on a program. The portal allows you to quickly web enable your existing Excel reports as dashboards so that the entire project team can interact with your data directly using pivot tables, slicers, reporting and file downloads.

Microsoft SharePoint Reporting Service: SQL reporting services allow developers to build standard reports with charts, maps, dashboards, and log information. Data can be filtered with user parameters and exported to PDF, Word, and Excel. Users can also subscribe to reports that can be automatically scheduled.

Mobile Offline Support

Lydon Solution Construction Management Portal

Be productive in the field no matter where you are. Lydon Solutions’ Mobile SharePoint Forms for Construction feature robust offline mobile support – enabling you to work anywhere.

Complete forms at your remote construction sites using a tablet or mobile phone (IOS, Android, and Windows 8 devices) with or without an internet connection. The forms are uploaded to SharePoint with a simple push of a button when you are back online.

Lydon Solutions Mobile SharePoint Forms for Construction enables your team to be mobile without limitations. No matter which device you use or where you work, every field in the form is seamlessly integrated into a single SharePoint library with workflows, queries, reports and dashboards always available.

Mobile Features

Easy customizations — Need to customize forms for your workflow? Configure the mobile forms for your business requirements without coding.

Add photos and comments — Photos from your mobile device can be automatically embedded directly into your forms and marked up with comments. Users can even sign the forms with their finger or stylus.

GPS-enabled — Include your GPS location so the forms can be Geo Located into an Arc GIS map once they are submitted to SharePoint.

Support multiple devices — Multiple views of the same form can be tailored to different screen sizes so you don’t have to build new forms for each device.

Dynamic Maps and Geo-Location Data

Easily map and visualize your projects using geo-location tools like Esri ArcGIS integrated with the Lydon Solutions Construction Program Management Portal.

Use geo-location data to:

Incorporate geo-spatial information into your forms, lists, and libraries.

Analyze your project data visually using dynamic maps.

Customize map data with features like layers, tables, symbology, heat maps and more.

Share your maps and geo-locations data with your team.


Construction Forms and Workflows

Use your existing forms or workflows – or use one of ours. We have an extensive library of industry standard forms and workflows commonly used in the construction industry.

Example construction forms and workflows

Purchase Orders
Lessons Learned


Change Orders
Change Requests
Field Change Orders
Invoicing (G702/G703)
Daily Reports
Environmental Mitigation Plans/Reports


Risk Registries
Permit Tracking
Asset Management
Percent Complete
Material Management

Need a form or workflow not listed above? We can build or customize any form you need. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Turnkey Hosted Solutions

Microsoft Azure

The Lydon Solutions Construction Program Management portal can be delivered on premise or off.

If you prefer to leave the hosting to us, you can be confident that your data is secure and will be available when you need it. The Lydon Solutions data center is hosted on Microsoft Azure, the same cloud provider selected by numerous Fortune 500 companies for its security, scalability, reliability and flexibility.