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We Have Big Plans for Construction Viz in 2019

February 18, 2019 by Jeff Lydon

We’ll be expanding our lineup of Construction Viz Apps for SharePoint and Office 365, introducing a new marketplace to make it even easier to buy and deploy our apps, adding services to help construction organizations manage and get the most out of Office 365, plus a lot more. Read on for a preview.

The Construction Viz Story So Far

Construction Viz tackles the pain points of owners, construction project managers, and contractors like no other product on the market. Much more than just another Project Management Information System (PMIS), Construction Viz brings all your critical project data into one place with robust reporting and dashboards. It has all the tools you need to manage your projects—document management, workflows, forms, mobile and offline support—and is powered by the latest versions of Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server, and Azure. You can use it with confidence knowing that Microsoft will support the underlying technologies for the long haul.

What’s more, Construction Viz is customizable using pre-built components and assets to suit how you work. Also, the solution is extensible and can be integrated with your other applications.

But we know that not every organization needs a standalone cloud solution. Maybe they just want to customize an existing SharePoint application. Or maybe they want to extend existing tools, or to use Construction Viz features within an existing SharePoint environment.

So last year we made Construction Viz even better by creating Construction Viz Apps. So far we have launched 15 different integrated Form Apps as well as the Scheduler, Planner, and Project Tracker Apps.

Construction Viz Apps are powered by React, a JavaScript library developed by Facebook and used by companies like Netflix, AirBNB and Dropbox in web and mobile applications. Embracing React and the app model enables us to do two things. First, organizations can deploy features of Construction Viz to their own SharePoint 2013/2016 environment or Office 365 / SharePoint Online with just a few clicks. Second, end users can pick exactly the features they need and install just those apps. Each app functions as a completely standalone application or can be combined to seamlessly work together. That way, you can start with the features you need and add more functionality later.

Nothing else on the market offers the total package Construction Viz provides.

Looking Ahead for 2019

What’s next? Quite a bit.

New Marketplace for Construction Viz Apps for SharePoint and Office 365

Today many smaller organizations are embracing the power of Microsoft’s Office 365, but they may not have in-house IT support. Even at larger organizations, a department or group may want to install our apps without getting IT involved.

This is significant because installing our Construction Viz Apps—while easy— typically requires some technical knowledge. So our first big initiatives for 2019 are implementing an online marketplace for our Construction Viz Apps and streamlining the installation process. When the updated installers are in place, any user will be able to select, buy and install our apps in a few simple steps. No detailed IT expertise required.

Deeper Integration Between Construction Viz and Office 365

We are also deepening the integration between Construction Viz and Office 365 with enhanced data-sharing features. For example, we are building a custom data connector that extracts live lists and libraries from both on-premise SharePoint and Office 365 for storage in our data warehouse. This will extend the advanced querying, reporting, archiving, and backup capabilities of Construction Viz Cloud into SharePoint Online and Office 365 – functionalities not otherwise available on those platforms. Another related feature we have in progress connects our Form Apps with OneDrive, enabling users to pull documents from their OneDrive desktop client into their forms.

More Construction Viz Apps and Feature Enhancements

That’s not all. We will continue to expand and enhance our lineup of Construction Viz Apps. Our product roadmap includes plans to add functionality based on our existing Primavera P6 and geospatial tools, as well as integrations with Microsoft Office 365 productivity applications and Microsoft Graph. Also, we plan to take our offline form support to a new level by tapping the native offline capabilities of React. This would allow the entire Construction Viz solution to go offline – not only forms, but also any page, dashboard, view, and more. We are also looking to incorporate artificial intelligence technology (AI) into our Construction Viz Apps.

Managed Services for Office 365

Another significant initiative for 2019 will be our launch of a managed-services offering for Office 365 to help organizations get the most out of Microsoft’s cloud tools. Frankly, few organizations have the in-house expertise to take advantage of all that Office 365 has to offer, which includes tools like InTune, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Delve, Sway, Skype for Business, Planner, Power BI, and Advanced Threat Protection. Our managed services will help our clients make full use of Office 365 with features like Voice over IP (VoIP), device management, user administration, security, data migration, workflows, and more. And we’ll be there to provide help desk support.

Resources for Construction Project Management Professionals

We’ll support all the above with a website refresh, webinars and videos.

Get Started Today

As you can see, we have great stuff coming soon. But you don’t have to wait. You can get started with Construction Viz right away. Contact us for a free demo and consultation today. You will be glad you did.

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