Connect A SharePoint Calendar with Outlook

December 7, 2016 by Jeff Lydon

Here’s how you can create a project calendar in SharePoint, connect it with Outlook and share it with your team to keep everyone in sync.

The SharePoint Calendar App can be added to any SharePoint site. It behaves much the same as an Outlook Calendar and can be customized as needed.

A handy feature of a SharePoint calendar is the ability to connect it to Outlook. This functionality allows a user to add the SharePoint Calendar to their personal Outlook Calendar view. Events can then be updated bi-directionally from Outlook to SharePoint and vice versa. This is a great way to easily get your entire project team working off the same schedule.

Follow the steps below to get your SharePoint Calendar connected to Outlook.

Step One – Connect Your SharePoint Calendar App to Outlook

1.       Navigate to a SharePoint Calendar.

SharePoint calendar

2.       Click the Calendar tab in the Ribbon.

SharePoint calendar

3.       Click the Connect to Outlook button in the Ribbon.

SharePoint calendar

4.       A browser dialogue box will appear. Allow the website to open a program on your computer.

SharePoint calendar

5.      Select “Yes” when prompted to Connect this SharePoint Calendar to Outlook

SharePoint calendar

6.     If your SharePoint is externally hosted, you may be asked to log in.

SharePoint calendar

Step Two – Open Your SharePoint Calendar in Outlook

7.     Go to Outlook and navigate to your calendar view.

8.    Under My Calendars in Outlook you will see the new SharePoint Calendar.  Check the box next to it to add it to your calendar view.

SharePoint calendar

That’s it. You can now view and update your SharePoint calendar in Outlook. Any changes made to the calendar on SharePoint or by other team members in Outlook will be shared with everyone.

There are a ton of other useful ways to extend the SharePoint Calendar, including adding interactive popup windows, linking it to forms or workflows, or creating responsive mobile calendars. Contact us for a free consultation to see what is possible.

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  • Joseph See says:

    This is a very nice toutorial, however in my Office 365 web interface of Sharepoint, I do not have a “Calendar” Tab in my Ribbon. This makes it impossible for me to click on “Connect to Outlook”. Is this a permissions issue that my admin has set, or is it a setting that I don’t have activated to bring up this ribbon?

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