Mobile SharePoint Forms for construction

Mobile SharePoint Forms for construction with offline capability

March 10, 2015 by Lydon Solutions

“No Internet Connection? No Problem.”

Being able to conveniently complete and electronically submit forms like Daily Inspection Reports or Safety Incident Reports is an important requirement for most construction projects. But connecting to a server in the field is sometimes impossible. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to work on your forms with or without internet access and not worry about losing data or having to re-enter information?

Lydon Solutions understands that construction professionals can’t always count on an internet connection in the field. That’s why we created Mobile SharePoint Forms for Construction featuring robust offline mobile support. With Lydon Solutions’ mobile forms, you and your team can complete all your necessary project forms in the field offline with a tablet or a mobile phone (IOS, Android, and Windows 8 devices). Forms can be filled out on your device without a connection and then uploaded to SharePoint when you are back online with a simple push of a button.

Best of all, Lydon Solutions’ Mobile SharePoint Forms for Construction can be configured for your business requirements without coding. Need to include photos in your forms? No problem, simply take photos with your mobile device and they are automatically embedded directly into your forms and ready to be marked up with comments. You can also include your GPS location, so the forms can be Geo Located into an Arc GIS map once they are submitted to SharePoint. Users can even sign the forms with their finger or stylus.

If you need to access the same forms on multiple devices, we have you covered too. Multiple views of the same form can be tailored to different screen sizes so you don’t have to build new forms for each device. And no matter which view you use or where you work, every field in the form is seamlessly integrated into a single SharePoint library with workflows, queries, reports and dashboards always available.

Want to find out how Mobile SharePoint Forms for Construction from Lydon Solutions can enhance the mobile productivity of your construction team in the field? Offline mobile forms are one of the many tools that are offered with Lydon Solutions’ award winning Program Management Portal. Learn more about our construction solutions and contact us for a demo.

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